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The original quite small ANGRMS Photo Gallery has been replaced with a consolidated image collection sourced from over 100 photographers and providing access to a much larger collection of images relating to narrow gauge and industrial railways in Australia and elsewhere.

Individual listings have been developed from the database of images and their captions, and will continue to expand as time and resources permit. Images will open in a new window. Close it/them to return to this site.


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ANGRMS Photo Gallery

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Bill Blannin's ANGRMS Memories (historical images)

All ANGRMS-specific images (large listing, ~900 images)

All Woodford-specific images

Selected Bundy (BFC 5) images

Bundy's Last Great Adventure (BFC5 around Queensland in 2000)

Queensland Sugar Industry

All sugar industry images (very large listing, 5000+ images)

Chris Walter's locomotive images by manufacturer:
Baguley; Baldwin; Clyde; Comeng; Eimco; Malcolm Moore; Miscellaneous; Ruston & Hornsby; Simplex; Walkers

Selected images by mill:
Fairymead; Farleigh; Goondi; Hambledon; Inkerman; Invicta; Isis; Kalamia; Mackay Sugar; Macknade; Moreton; Mossman; Mourilyan; Mulgrave; Pioneer; Proserpine; Rocky Point; South Johnstone; Tully; Victoria



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